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Hardware Infrastructure Services

IT infrastructure is the framework on which a network/computing system is built. It consists of the virtual and physical components through which data input, storage, processing, and analysis are carried out.

A business can decide to either decentralize its infrastructure across different data centers or simply organize it within a single unit. Infrastructure within a data center includes both the hardware and software infrastructures. And the data center framework comprises of power, as well as structural components that support the hardware functions?

Hardware infrastructure encompasses the physical components of a network system. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Network servers
  • Storage systems such as hard drives
  • Network appliances like firewalls
  • Networking devices such as routers, cables, switches, computers, and mobile devices

Enhance your data center performance with UBS independent IT support

Trust proven systems

Delay CapEx and maximize return on investment by prolonging the useful life of assets up to 25 years beyond End of Service Life (EOSL).

Choose quality

Never compromise on performance or service quality with expert support from OEM-certified engineers.

Cut IT maintenance spend

Reduce IT costs by up to 70% compared to the OEM, and free up your budget for growth and innovation.

Simplify hardware support

Save time, money and administration with multi-vendor maintenance in one unified contract.

Drive productivity

Minimize downtime with customizable SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and responsive requests.

Increase sustainability

Escape OEM-defined lifecycles and extend sustainably thanks to 850k+ multi-brand items in stock

UBS Featured Services

Secure data disposal

Protect your mission critical data and prime your hardware for its second life.


Repurpose parts and components, while supporting sustainability with UBS comprehensive IT recycling.

Library Repair

Take advantage of UBS state-of-the-art repair center and the latest LTO technology.

Financial Solutions

Free up IT spend and expand your equipment holdings when and how you want.

Planning Project

  • Analyzing research data and identifying.
  • Conducting usability testing sessions.
  • Amazing Timing and Experience.
  • Gathering user feedback through surveys.

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Supports quality of life: Without infrastructure, access to clean drinking water, food, health care, communications systems, and housing would not be possible. Infrastructure provides the basis for making life tenable.
Infrastructure is the collection of systems and facilities that serve as the basis for the economic growth of a country. It includes the services and facilities required for economic development, industrialization, improved lifestyles, and flourishing businesses.
Infrastructure is crucially important to foster countries' economic development and prosperity. Investments in infrastructure contributes to higher productivity and growth, facilitates trade and connectivity, and promotes economic inclusion.

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