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Make Cloud Make Sense

Drive business modernization, and digital transformation with the UBS full-fledged cloud computing platform. With a large variety of premium quality solutions and services, our fully customizable cloud platform improves cost-savings, cloud operations, and thrusts business growth and continuity forward. We offer IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions to build modern and robust applications. With offices and a dedicated support team here in Sydney, UBS has you covered.

A Full-Fledged Cloud Computing Platform for All Your Business Needs

25+ Premium Quality Services and Solutions

UBS provides an expanding ecosystem of services covering all of your business needs. Our completely customizable cloud platform enables businesses to pick and choose from a large variety of services and solutions, including Managed Kubernetes, Machine Learning development, speech recognition, and more.

Local Presence

UBS is operated entirely within data centers in Australia, in full compliance with all local and global requirements. With the client as our focal point, UBS delivers a unique and personalized solution tailored to your needs. Stop chatting with bots, our top-notch local support team will assist you with any questions regarding the platform.

A Superior Level of Security

UBS complies with global standards such as ISO or PPL, carrying out in-depth security checks, including code analysis and penetration tests, with the option to deploy additional independent security layers.

Optimize Costs

With the UBS cloud platform, customers are able to improve cost-savings and optimize cloud consumption.

Planning Project

  • Analyzing research data and identifying.
  • Conducting usability testing sessions.
  • Amazing Timing and Experience.
  • Gathering user feedback through surveys.

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FAQ This Service

  • Which cloud services do you provide?
  • Where are your data centres located?
  • How flexible are your services?
  • How secure is your cloud?
  • What's your downtime history?
  • What customer support services do you offer?
The most important area of concern in cloud computing is the delivery of computing services, including servers, storage, and databases, alongside software analytics and intelligence. Cloud computing offers faster innovation with flexible resources and economies of scale.
Security is the most important concern of cloud computing.

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