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We’ve got a solution for you.

About UBS eDucation Platform

eDucation is an education ERP software that automates and streamlines all the schools tasks. It brings end-to-end automation to academic, non-academic, and administrative operations, allowing you to focus on high-priority, essential tasks.​

eDucation is a one-stop solution for schools that eases the lives of all stakeholders tremendously. It offers modules for pre-admission, admission, attendance, program & courses, fees & finances, examinations, data analytics, and other core operations.

Challenge During The Project

  • Analyzing research data and identifying trends and patterns
  • Conducting usability testing sessions with users
  • Amazing Timing and Experience
  • Gathering user feedback through surveys and questionnaires

How we make it happen?

We worked very closely with experienced educators as consultants. They helped us design efficient learning programs, structure courses, polish user experience, create content, etc. In turn, UBS reveal the potential of digital technology, provide good examples and help reinvent the traditional learning process based on the capacity of modern education technology.

The platform covers learning management with all of its aspects

  • Management and Monitoring
  • Student Module
  • Institution Module
  • Course Management
  • Interactive Learning

Main pillars of eDucation

Benefits of UBS eDucation


Our platform has been implemented and used with well known universities across the world.

The main pillars are independent and each can be implemented separately.

The solution is based on an open platform to integrate with any other LOB application.

Ownership will be given to the ministry.


The platform is based on a no code engine providing flexibility with the services that can change from a client to another

It manages all aspects of the education institute

Manage a course across the country with one click

Quality Control for Students and Schools

Available in Different Languages

eDucation Platform

Cloud solutions in education.

UBS offers services that help respond to today’s challenges with technologies that meet the needs of students, teachers and educational institutions alike.

Modern infrastructure solutions will help you build an engaging online educational environment and take the idea of a digital university and make it a reality.


eDucation Features

Management and Monitoring

  • Create Institutes
  • Manage Users & Permissions
  • Monitor users & Schools
  • Student Behavior
  • Live Dashboard
  • Training Management
  • Platform Management

Student Module

  • Registration & Profile
  • Course selection
  • Exam Schedule
  • Student services
  • Certificate request
  • Grades
  • Other services

Institution Module

  • Digital Curriculum
  • Teachers
  • Training
  • Enrolment
  • Badges
  • Certificates
  • Attestations

Course Management

  • Courses Creation
  • Course material
  • Course Instructor
  • Duration & Timeline
  • Course Exams
  • Course Grade

Interactive learning

  • Online courses
  • Online exams
  • Online material
  • Online Quizzes
  • AI evaluation
  • Rooms & Meetings
  • Live Grades

Mobile Application

All of the modules are available in native mobile application with online and offline modes.


  • Open API Protocol
  • Can integrated with any platform
  • Live Sync of Data
  • Back and Forth integration
  • Data Monitoring
  • Secure integrations
  • Conditional integrations